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Wexford Town – Wexford Bus WX1 Connect Service

The Wexford Bus Connect service operates between Clonard, Wexford Town, Drinagh and Whiterock.  Every stop is served every 30 mins, so the next bus is never far away!

Wex Bus Map Online for local v2

WX1 TO DRINAGH (Clonard to Drinagh via Town Centre)


1Clonard Village (Retail Park) & Cross7.157.458.1515, 4518.15
2 to 5Clonard Rd:
Topaz, Mt Prospect
7.187.488.18Then at18, 4818.18
6 to 9Coolcotts:
Belvedre Grove, Coolcotts, Mansfield Dr, Sycamore Dr
7.207.508.20these20, 5018.20
10 to 13Newtown Rd:
Hospital, B Corish Gdns, Bayview Drive, Hill St
7.257.558.25mins25, 55Until18.25
14Redmond Square (Sam McCauley's)7.308.008.30past30, 0018.30
15 to 17The Quays:
Common Q, Paul Q & Trinity St
7.318.018.31each01, 3118.31
18 to 20Fishers Row, Upp William St & Maudlintown7.358.058.35hour05, 3518.35
21 to 23Kerlogue:
Kerlogue Cross, Omniplex & Farmers Kitchen
7.378.078.3707, 3718.37
24Drinagh Retail Park7.408.108.4010, 4018.40

NB: Stay on the bus to travel onwards to stops on the WX1 to Clonard

WX1 TO CLONARD (Drinagh to Clonard via Whiterock and Town Centre)

24Drinagh Retail Park7.408.108.4010, 4018.40
25 to 28Whiterock:
Starvehall, Ard na Cuin, Luis Mor, WR Heights
7.418.118.41Then at11, 4118.41
29 to 31Distillery Rd:
Brownes Corner, Bishopswater, Tesco
7.458.158.45these15, 4518.45
32 to 34The Faythe:
The Swan, School, Upp William st
7.488.188.48mins18, 48until18.48
35 to 38The Quays:
Trinity St, Paul Q & Common Q
7.528.228.52past22, 5218.52
14Redmond Square (Sam McCauley's)8.008.309.00each00, 3019.00
39 to 42Newtown Rd:
Hill St, Bayview Drive, B Corish Gdns & Hospital
8.018.319.01hour01, 3119.01
43 to 46Coolcotts:
Sycamore Dr, Meadowlands, Coolcotts, Belvedre Grove
8.058.359.0505, 3519.05
47 to 49Clonard Rd:
Clonard Church, Summerhill, Corish Pk
8.088.389.0808, 3819.08
50 to 54Whitemill Rd:
Kennedy Pk, Liam Mellows, Pinewood, Killeens
8.108.409.1010, 4019.10
1Clonard Village (Retail Park)8.158.459.1515, 4519.15

NB: Stay on the bus to travel onwards to stops on the WX1 to Drinagh

M-F : Service operates Monday to Friday only.
M-S: Service operates Monday to Saturday

Bus is scheduled to depart from Clonard, Redmond Square and Drinagh as outlined above.  All times at other intermediary bus stops are estimates.  All times are dependent on traffic and road conditions at the time of travel.

Wex Bus Connect Illustration MAP jan 16