Shortest journey time between Wexford and Dublin Airport & City

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Wexford to Rosslare

Wexford - Piercestown - Rosslare Strand
Mon - SatMon - SatMon - Sat
Wexford (Redmond Sq)08:5012:2016:45
Wexford (Common Quay)08:5112:2116:46
Wexford (Paul Quay)08:5212:2216:47
Wexford (Trinity St)08:5312:2316:48
Wexford (Upp William St)08:5412:2416:49
Kerlogue Cross08:5612:2616:51
Starvehall (Coolballow Jct)08:5812:2716:52
Johnstown Castle (back entrance)09:0312:3016:57
Piercestown Village09:0512:3116:59
Killinick PO 09:1012:4117:04
Commadore Barry Park09:1912:4617:09
Rosslare Strand (Kelly's Hotel)09:2012:4717:12


Rosslare to Wexford

Rosslare Strand - Piercestown - Wexford
Mon - SatMon - SatMon - Sat
Rosslare Strand (Kellys Hotel)09:2012:5017:15
Rosslare (Cedars Hotel)09:2112:5117:16
Rosslare (Grange Road)09:2212:5217:17
Wexford Road R/about09:2312:5317:18
Killinick PO09:3012:5817:23
Piercestown Village 09:3513:0317:28
Johnstown Castle 09:3613:0417:29
Starvehall (Coolballow Jct)09:4013:0617:33
Kerlogue Cross09:4313:0917:36
Wexford (Maudlintown)09:4413:1017:38
Wexford (Paul Quay)09:4513:1117:40
Wexford (Common Quay)09:4613:1217:42
Wexford (Redmond Sq) 09:5013:1517:45


Bus Departure Points

Wexford: Redmond Square (Wexford Bus Connect Stop, outside Sam McCauleys)
Piercestown: St. Martin’s Sports Complex
Killinick: Opposite Antique Shop
Rosslare Strand: Commodore Barry Park, Post Office, Cedars Hotel, Grange Road, Wexford Road
*NOTE: For health and safety reasons, southbound services will no longer collect passengers at the John Barry Memorial Statue on Crescent Quay, Wexford Town.