Shortest journey time between Wexford and Dublin Airport & City

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Wexford to Kilmore

The Bus from Wexford (Redmond Sq) departs from the Wexford Bus Connect Bus Stop outside Sam McCauleys.

Wexford - Murrintown - Bridgetown - Kilmore Quay
Mon - SatMon - Sat (Ex Wed)Mon - SatMon-Fri (SCHOOL TERM - ONLY FOR SCHOOLS)Mon - Sat
Wexford (Redmond Sq)07:2010:1013:2016.1517:50
Wexford (Paul Quay)10:1213:2216.1717:52
Wexford (Trinity St)10:1313:2316.1817:53
Wexford (Upp William St)10:1413:2416.1917:54
Wexford (Maudlintown)07:3210:1513:2517:55
Kerlogue Cross07:3310:1613:2617:56
Starvehall (Coolballow Jct)13:2917:58
Johnstown Castle (Front Gate)13:3118:00
Kilmore Village PO07:4510:3013:4816.3018:17
Kilmore Quay PO07:4910:3513:5316.3518:23
Kilmore Quay Marina07:5010:3713:5416.3718:24

Kilmore to Wexford

Kilmore Quay - Bridgetown - Murrintown -Wexford
Mon - SatMon - Sat (Ex Wed)Mon - SatMon - Sat
Kilmore Quay Marina07:5010:4013:5518:25
Kilmore Quay PO07:5110:4113:5618:26
Kilmore Village PO07:5610:4614:0118:31
Johnstown Castle (front gate)08:1311:0214:19B*
Starvehall (Coolballow Jct)08:1511:0414:21B*
Kerlogue Cross08:1711:0614:2318.47
Wexford (Maudlintown)08:1911:0714:2418:48
Wexford (Trinity St)08:2011:0814:2518:49
Wexford (Paul Quay)08:2111:1014:2618:50
Wexford (Common Quay)08:2211:1114:2718:51
Wexford (Redmond Sq)08:2511:1514:3018:55

B* = Operates via Ballycogley

Bus Departure Points

Wexford : Redmond Square (Wexford Bus Connect Stop, outside Sam McCauleys) **
Murrintown: Doyles Shop
Bridgetown: Main Street
Kilmore Village:
Post Office
Kilmore Quay:
Post Office, Marina Roundabout